What Catch Light Does

Catch Light Creative Services is your personal à la carte communications agency based in Knoxville, TN. We are designed to quickly deliver timely and affordable communications services, no matter how large or small your project or task. This means you receive just the right amount of professional support, and just when you need it.

Why Catch Light Works

An affordable à la carte Communications agency is like having a Swiss army tool at your immediate disposal. When a task needs to be done, the size of the task doesn't matter. What matters is having the right tool handy to get it done quickly, correctly, and to your standards.

Catch Light Creative Services is your Swiss army tool. Carry us in your pocket, and know that we can provide fast and affordable communications services for you. Regardless of the scope, our purpose is to provide just the right amount of assistance in order to help move your project toward success.

If you need fast and accurate proofing of a document with a tight deadline, that tool is right there at your fingertips. If your project requires quickly curating existing photography, making technical and quality adjustments, and formatting them to your specifications, you've got the tools. If you are looking for full-on project or events management or even management of just a small sub or side project, we are qualified and ready!

À la Carte Communications in Knoxville, TN

Writing & Editing

No matter the size of the project, Catch Light Creative Services is designed to deliver. From proofing executive correspondence for error-free, high impact results, to SEO optimized website content, newsletters, blog posts, essays and articles, we have the language you need.

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With 15 years of experience in the weekly news and lifestyle magazine publishing business, Catch Light Creative Services has the knowledge and experience to help take your editorial ideas from the drawing board to the public eye. We provide consulting services as well as assistance throughout all phases of content development, design, printing and fulfillment.

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Desktop Publishing

Do you need desktop publishing services? Catch Light Creative Services provides solutions. We manage multi-page document design and layout, including books, magazines, manuals, annual reports, marketing materials, proposals, correspondence, and forms.

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Events Management

Even simple events require thorough planning. When your reputation is on the line, the smallest detail can make or break you. Catch Light Creative Services develops production timelines and task assignments required to meet all deadlines and ensure seamless execution of your event. We can also provide additional services like copywriting, print  & website design, production stage directing and on-site stage management.

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Photographic Services

Looking for the right image to enhance your image? Catch Light Creative Services provides photographic services including corporate and event photography, portraiture, photo editing, stock image creation or curation of existing stock images for website and print.

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Project Management

Whether it's helping a local author establish his own online marketplace for book sales or guiding a local fine art photographer through the process of curating her first exhibition, Catch Light Creative Services provided not only the production timelines required to meet all deadlines, but we also provided additional services like strategic development, copywriting, graphic design, and even office support.

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Take the next step

Think about where you are, where you want to be, and what is keeping you from getting there and contact Catch Light Creative Services today. We will work with you to provide affordable à la carte communications, so you can achieve success!