Our Philosophy

Catch Light Creative Services recognizes that in today's world, technology, automation, and innovation mean opportunity - but there will always be tasks that require a human touch. Catch Light Creative Services couples technology with knowledge and experience to provide fast, practical solutions for your business.

It might be as simple as proofing a document, cropping a photo, or making a phone call on your behalf. Or, it might be more involved: developing or improving your website; shooting, editing, and formatting photos for business or personal use; crafting technical, creative, or press-related copy; even managing an important side project when you just don't have the time or personnel to take it on.

No task is too small when it means moving forward, and Catch Light Creative Services sees every task as an opportunity to utilize creativity, technology, knowledge, and experience to make sure your business or personal project moves forward to completion and success.


Our Approach

Catch Light Creative Services "catches" those tasks that could be weighing you or your business down and keeping you from achieving success. We shorten your task list and lighten your workload. With more than 25 years of professional communications experience, including communications related to project management, marketing, business development, and meeting & event management in the corporate and arts industries, we have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate into your current project, workflow, or process. We provide the support at only the scale and scope of service you require at minimal cost to you, so you can continue to focus on the bigger picture: success for you or your business.

Meet Your Team Leader

We are excited to bring our years of experience to Catch Light Creative Services! This is our purpose. It's what makes us tick, and helping you achieve success is how we measure our success.

Michael Head Shot Casual-5227

Michael Kull


Michael has spent more than 25 years successfully communicating in the marketing, development, production, publishing, and arts performance industries, collaborating with individuals and teams in order to create success, whether it be on stage, behind the scenes, behind a desk, or in front of a crowd.

Take the next step

Think about where you are, where you want to be, and what is keeping you from getting there, and contact Catch Light Creative Services today. We will work with you to achieve success!