Writing & Editing

From drafting or proofing executive correspondence for error-free, high impact results, to SEO optimized website content, newsletters, blog posts, essays and articles, we have the language you need.

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With 15 years of experience in the weekly news and lifestyle magazine publishing business, Catch Light Creative Services has the knowledge and experience to help take your editorial ideas from the drawing board to the public eye.

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Desktop Publishing

Catch Light Creative Services provides complete desktop publishing services: multi-page document design and layout for books, magazines, manuals, annual reports, marketing materials, proposals and forms.

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Photographic Services

Catch Light Creative Services provides complete photographic services, including corporate and event photography, portraiture, photo editing, and stock image creation or curation for website and print.

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Project Management

Whether it's helping an author establish an online market for book sales or a small business execute its marketing plan, we can assist in setting and managing project timelines and provide additional support.

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Events Management

When a local historian adapted his historical drama for the stage, Catch Light Creative Services managed production timelines and provided writing, graphic design, and production stage directing and management services.

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Complete Services

In putting our various creative services together, Catch Light Creative Services can help with conception, planning, and execution of a complete idea or project. Ideas are our playground, and the bigger the better! We love to see a great idea come to fruition, and we can help mange the tasks, people, and resources required to turn ideas into reality.

Gap Management

Sometimes a project is in danger of stalling due to one or more smaller steps that seem less significant but greatly affect the project flow and deadlines. Catch Light Creative Services can "catch" those tasks and complete them quickly in order to minimize any downtime in the project.


Next Steps...

Think about where you are, where you want to be, and what is keeping you from getting there, and contact Catch Light Creative Services today. We will work with you to achieve success!